Peaches Biotech publishes in Biomolecules its work on how the immune system communicates with tissues damaged or attacked by viruses or bacteria.

  • This breakthrough opens a way to find new drugs, of biological origin, of great importance in advanced therapies such as immunomodulators, anti-inflammatories and tissue regenerators.
  • The first drug based on this work will be tested to combat cytokine storm in COVID-19 patients. Subsequently in those caused by other septic infections or pancreatitis.
  • Peaches Biotech’s drug belongs to the new generation of complex biological drugs that come from co-culture methods in which the communication between macrophages and damaged tissue cells is reproduced.
  • The treatment has shown efficacy and safety in animal models as anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and regenerative.
  • A clinical trial to treat cytokine storm in patients with COVID-19 will be initiated soon.


Madrid, April 1, 2022.
Peaches Biotech Group
Peaches Biotech, a Spanish company specialized in innovative treatments in regenerative medicine and advanced therapies, announces the publication of an article in the journal Biomolecules of the scientific publishing group MDPI entitled “Production of a new anti-inflammatory biological drugs“. The publication reports his work based on the communication between macrophages and mesenchymal cells with which he will develop his first immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory biologic drug that will treat the cytokine storm.

The article explains how the company Peaches Biotech has deciphered the language with which immune cells communicate with different tissues. This scientific contribution is of great relevance, since it opens a new avenue for obtaining drugs of biological origin that will lead to more effective therapies in highly prevalent pathologies that currently lack effective treatments.

As demonstrated in Biomolecules, intercellular communication between macrophages and cells involved in tissue regeneration, such as adult mesenchymal stromal cells and primary tissue cells, is essential for tissue regeneration.

To understand this communication and get the message, between immune cells – macrophages – and tissue cells damaged or attacked by pathogens, Peaches Biotech reproduces in a cell co-culture medium the conditions that occur in our own body.

Peaches Biotech’s co-cultivation concept

The message between M2 macrophages and tissue cells is composed of a complex set of cytokines, chemokines and growth factors that form the secretome of the co-culture and will give rise to the new drug. It is this intercellular communication that drives an immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory response.

The first of these new drugs, which Peaches Biotech is working with, is PRS® CK-Storm and comes from the co-culture of M2 macrophages with adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSC).

The PRS® CK-Storm will soon begin trials in several hospitals in the Madrid region.

for the treatment of cytokine storm, initially in patients with COVID-19.

PRS® CK-Storm not only combats the proinflammatory cytokine response, but also enhances the regenerative activity of damaged lung tissue after the disease in covid patients.

This same method would apply to other pathologies where cytokine storms occur as in pancreatitis or those produced by other septic infections.

About the cytokine storm

Inflammation is the response of an organism’s immune system to damage caused to its cells and tissues by bacterial pathogens or any other biological, chemical, physical or mechanical aggressor. Such an inflammatory response must be self-limiting in time and intensity because, if this is not the case and if there is not perfect coordination between our innate and adaptive immune systems, a severe inflammatory syndrome with feedback will occur, eventually causing a cytokine storm that can lead to multi-organ failure. Peaches Biotech has been able to neutralize the pro-inflammatory reaction produced by this overreaction of the immune system in both in vitro and animal models.

Link to article: Biomolecules