Interview with Manuel Hidalgo, research associate at Peaches Biotech, in the supplement A tu Salud of La razón.

Research talent is one of our company’s greatest assets. On this occasion, Manuel Hidalgo, Director of the Division of Hematology-Oncology at Weill Cornell Medicine, New York-Presbyterian and research associate at Peaches Biotech, has been the subject of an extensive interview in the special supplement 20 years of A Tu Salud, published by La Razón.

He has had occasion to share our new approach to treating pancreatic cancer. Research based on Peaches Biotech’s exclusive rights to Harvard Medical School’s BIDMC patent that enables the activation of a patient’s lymphocytes against their own tumor cells in a completely autologous process.. Once the lymphocytes are educated to recognize and attack the tumor, a treatment is generated from them for the cancer patient himself.

If you would like to continue reading our contribution to the treatment of this type of tumor, as well as Dr. Hidalgo’s vision of Spain’s role in world oncology, among other topics, we share the complete interview with you.

Interview with M Hidalgo, To your health